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We understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions and hence, we treat it just the way you will. With a little bit of polishing and buffing, your car will look the same when you first bough it.



We use only high-quality German polishes and waxes that are exclusively imported by Fast Car to create the finished look that you desire. Our experienced staff has undergone special training by an international company located in Germany. Therefore, you can rely on us to deliver nothing but the best.



Nano-Ceramic Coating


Fast Car is your most trustworthy automotive platform where your vehicle is treated to complete care, best technology and right tools so you do not have to worry about your vehicle’s appearance or shell out a fortune every time. Our Nano-Ceramic coatings come with a 5-year warranty with free re-ceramic every 6 months. To ensure durability, we apply 5 levels of ceramic coating that has been developed with advanced nanotechnology in Germany and has been specially imported by Fast Car.